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Piano Lessons in New York City for Children and Adults, Beginners to Advanced,  Upper West Side of Manhattan with piano teacher Jonathan Baker. 


Piano Lessons in New York City for children. 


 At the Baker Piano Studio located near Lincoln Center in New York City I make a point of keeping piano lessons both engaging and fun while providing the highest level of professional guidance for your child's musical education. 

Classical, popular, baroque, and jazz-inspired musical styles are explored, for each style enhances your child’s musical education. Students learn to cultivate a relaxed and expressive approach to making music at the keyboard.

Learning to play the piano is much more than a hobby – when a child learns how to focus energy and attention to achieving musical goals they acquire a self-mastery that can be applied to all aspects of their life.

Beginning students learn to make music from the first lesson.  As students become more comfortable with articulating their fingers on the keyboard they are introduced to note reading and musical notation.

Beginning piano lessons encompass; 

• good posture and hand position
• reading music notation
• sight reading
• repertoire
• rhythm and harmony
• learning effective practice habits

As skill in reading music and technical ability develop, students are then able to explore more challenging pieces of the repertoire with a confident and flexible technique. Students are provided with short-term goals that lead to long-term improvement. 

Students are shown how to practice in an effective manner, and leave the lesson invigorated, knowing exactly how to prepare for the next lesson.

All piano classes are held at the Baker Piano Studio located on Manhattan's Upper West Side near Lincoln Center in New York City.

To avoid the trauma often associated with formal piano recitals I instead host Piano Parties for young students and their parents. This more informal and convivial setting emphasizes the social enjoyment of sharing music so that students are not intimidated, and are provided with the chance to interact with other students is a cheerful and supportive occasion. 

Music festivals and competitions are available for those who wish to participate, and for those parents who prefer a system of objectively measurable goals and periodic exams the student can be taught through either the ABRSM or the Royal College of Music curricula. 



Because the parent’s support and encouragement is essential, I keep parents closely involved. 

During the first few piano lessons the parent often sits near the piano and participates so they can better guide their child’s practice at home. When parent, teacher, and child are united into a trio of learning, amazing results can happen.

Living in New York City provides a wonderful opportunity to experience musical and cultural events, and I encourage students to attend live performances, and perform for family and friends when appropriate.

Piano lessons for children ages 5 to 6 are 30 minutes, and for children 7 to 9 piano lessons are 45 minutes. For more information about lessons and availability feel free to contact me.  

Without exception, successful students have parent's who are actively engaged in their child's education and progress. Ongoing engagement and encouragement from the parent makes all the difference. 

Here are practical tips for parents who are eager to know how they can make practical daily contributions to their child's musical progress within the home: 

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