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Piano Lessons in New York City for Children and Adults, Beginners to Advanced,  Upper West Side of Manhattan with piano teacher Jonathan Baker. 


Piano lessons NYC. Piano lessons for adults in New York City with piano teacher Jonathan Baker. 


If you are an adult beginner you may be secretly wondering if it is too late to develop a fluent command of piano technique and repertoire. Let me assure you, it is never too late for adults to gain significant ability at the keyboard. Music is central to our human nature, and whether it is singing, composing, or playing the piano, you have the capacity to realize your musical potential.

If you took piano lessons in childhood but have not played for many years, your youthful efforts have not been lost: the basic motor-coordination skills learned in childhood are still part of your neurological system waiting to be reactivated for continuing musical development.

The joy of making music is everyone's birthright, and it is never too late to cultivate your musical potential. Leaning to play the piano opens worlds of artistic expression, enhancing self-confidence and personal growth.

Making music is one of the few skills that awakens our complete humanity - it is artistic, athletic, emotional, and intellectual - all at once. 



If you are an intermediate to advanced adult piano student who is focused on classical music, you have the opportunity to explore the repertoire of the greatest masters including Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff, and many more. If your interest centers on various kinds of popular music, published arrangements will be learned, and you will develop the ability to write your own arrangements.

Whether classical or popular music is your focus, exploration of various aspects of keyboard technique is always front-and-center. Understanding musical structure is essential so that you have a clear grasp of the composition: this makes sight-reading and memorization easier, and the technical complexities seem less daunting when the composition structure is understood. A solid foundation of musicianship and technique empowers you bring your musical aspirations to life with vibrancy, persuasiveness, and completeness.

 As a piano teacher, I am very interested in your musical preferences, because it is easier for you to practice with conviction those pieces that you truly love. The piano repertoire is vast with an abundance of excellent music in every genre. For the sake of musical adventure, I encourage students to explore various parts of the repertoire they may not have otherwise previously considered, and I will suggest choices that will built up various aspects of musical expression or technique. 



Some adult students have schedules that allow them to practice every day and be well-prepared for their weekly piano lesson, and that is the preferred arrangement. However, many adult students, especially those raising families, attending college full-time, or working long hours to build their careers (not to mention sustaining a social life) have limited time to practice no matter how earnest their intentions. If this is the case, I recommend that lessons be taken every other week. Piano classes taken only once every few weeks, however, will not be successful because of a loss of momentum, so I recommend in these cases that lessons be taken once every two weeks.