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31 West 69th Street
NY, NY, 10023
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Piano Lessons in New York City for Children and Adults, Beginners to Advanced,  Upper West Side of Manhattan with piano teacher Jonathan Baker. 


Piano Lessons in New York City, beginners to advanced, with piano teacher Jonathan Baker. Top reviews from piano students in New York City. 


"Jonathan Baker is a master pianist whose teaching style is thorough and patient and produces tangible results from the first lesson."  —Vinnie Peri
"I've had many music teachers, from private lessons to college professors and so on, but your methods rank the highest. Your ability to articulate solutions, remain patient, and provide positive feedback really makes the learning process a success. It's rare to find someone that has both a great playing and teaching ability." Steven Cho
"We had a wonderful experience at Baker Piano Studio. My now 8 year old simply loved his teacher, Mr. Baker, and always looked forward to his classes. Mr. Baker is extremely patient with kids and deals with them in a fun way so that the lessons and subsequent practice at home never turns out to be stressing. Not only that - he was kind enough to help a naive person like me find a good piano and also refer a great teacher in the town where we are now relocating to. I am so glad we found him and through his lessons my child developed the love for playing piano. We are definitely going to miss him."   —Rashmi Jha
"David started his first piano lesson with Mr. Baker over four years ago and is now is playing pieces by Bach, Mozart, Chopin with impressive command. I think this has been very good for our son because his musical skill is something he takes pride in. Mr. Baker's approach to music education has taught our son good study habits, and I think that really made a difference."  —Jan Adleski
"Our daughter looks forward to her piano lessons as the high point in her week. Jonathan's approach is balanced and thorough, and I now know that her education would be incomplete without her music lessons. Interesting compositions are always selected, but Jonathan is attentive to making sure that Jennifer is developing real musicianship as well. "   —Katherine Lawhead

Piano lessons in NYC with piano teacher Jonathan Baker.